Fidelity National Collections

Customer Service: 1-800-860-9701


CHECK OR BANK BILL PAY – Checks should be made out to Fidelity National Collections and mailed to 885 South Sawburg Ave, Suite 103 Alliance, OH 44601. Making the check out to the wrong payee or mailing to a different address will result in a delay in posting payment to your account.

Fidelity National Collections
885 South Sawburg Avenue, Suite 103
Alliance, OH 44601

CREDIT CARDS OR FSA CARDS – Credit card payments can be made at the collection company website or can be made over the phone to the collection company customer service number listed above. Credit card payments made on the website will be charged a processing fee of 4%. You can avoid this fee by mailing a check to the address noted above.

Please note that we are unable to accept cash or process credit cards at our administrative office.


If you have been sent to collections but have insurance for the date of service in question, please call our billing company Streamline MD at 1-330-564-2660. We receive demographic and insurance information from the facility/hospital at the time of registration. If this information is incorrect or incomplete at the time of registration or it is updated with the hospital subsequent to your discharge, this new information may not be pushed over to us. If you have insurance, it is important that you provide this information to us ASAP, as there are limitations on when we can file a claim.


Reporting to credit bureaus is a process that is handled by our collection company Fidelity National Collections. If there is no correspondence or payment from you, your account will be worked by our billing company for approximately 90 days before turning your account over to collections. The collection company will follow the State of Ohio laws for collections starting with a written collection notice. You have, by law, 30 days to dispute the claim. After 30 days, you will start to receive the automated and human calls approximately every other day. If you do not respond to the written correspondence or the phone calls, your balance will be eventually reported to the credit bureaus. Only account balances over $50 may be reported on you credit report. Once you pay your balance in full, Fidelity will submit a request to remove the claim on your credit report. This may take a few days to be reflected on your credit report.